Wild horses and feral children

My wife and I recently spent some time in Wyoming visiting my oldest son’s family. He lives in Cody, just east of Yellowstone. It is a beautiful area and we enjoy every trip and wish we could make it more frequently.

Among our activities this trip we watched two separate bands of wild horses. Both groups had a couple of this year’s colts and it was obvious that the focus of each band was to help and protect those young animals.

We were there for the blessing of my newest granddaughter. My oldest daughter was also there with her family. At the same time, my youngest daughter was at our home in Highland with her daughter generously watching our home and playing zookeeper for my menagerie.

My youngest son could not attend because he is still serving as a missionary in the Dominican Republic. We look forward eagerly to his return in November.

I mention all this not to bore everyone, but just to make the point that Anette and I have been blessed to have four wonderful children and six beautiful grandchildren. Our three married children each found fantastic spouses and we love and appreciate them.

For all of us, family is an important focal point of our lives.

I recently finished writing a book called Mormon Parenting Secrets: Time-Tested Methods for Raising Exceptional Children. It is currently being typeset and I hope to have it in print in a month or so.

For the time being, I’m going to be focusing a lot of effort on the production and sale of my book, so if I am not updating this blog regularly, that is the reason. The web site is not ready yet, but you’ll soon be able to learn more about the book at http://www.mormonparentingsecrets.com.




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  1. L Leavitt says:

    We both really, really appreciate your “writing ability! ! This on your GOP interview with Cais. I had to real the fine print to him, and he understood. Good luck/break a leg with your GOOD book! W love it also!

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