Peeves prove to be a troubling topic

I intended to update this blog a couple weeks ago with a discussion of some of my pet peeves. Then the actual notion of peeves distracted me. What actually constitutes a peeve?

Peeves are things that annoy, vex or irritate. But I’m not certain about the difference between a regular peeve and a pet peeve. And if pet peeves exist, are there also feral peeves?

If regular peeves are irritating and annoying, do feral peeves step it up a couple notches to terrifying and potentially dangerous?

Is there a list somewhere that categorizes peeves into levels of irritation or vexation? If not, there should be. I hope you can see how this topic can be incredibly distracting. After a many days of research and pondering, I don’t have any concrete answers.

Perhaps peeves could be numbered according to their severity—kind of like tornadoes. An innocuous, mild “pet” peeve could be a P1. A horrific peeve that could potentially cause one to have a brain aneurism could be a P5.

Back to my list of personal peeves, drivers who pull to the end of a merge lane and stop annoy me immensely. The very term “merge” implies motion. One cannot merge into traffic if one is stopped. Because this peeve has the potential to be dangerous to other drivers, I would label it as a feral peeve and categorize it as an F4.

I won’t mention any of my other peeves right now. I’m still trying to figure out where they all fit on the Stephens’ Scale of Peeves.


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