An example of fatherly dedication

Note: I’ve been lax at updating my blog, primarily because I’ve been doing lots of other writing. I’m just about finished with a book on parenting and I’ve been doing some newspaper and magazine work.

I also take lots of pictures this time of year, so I think I’ll start adding some of my favorite shots from time to time. –Flint

My new hero is Dale Price. I’ve never met Dale. I learned about him through media reports about his unusual behavior over the past year.

Dale has a son, Rain, who just completed his sophomore year at American Fork High School. Every morning of the school year, Dale waved at his son on the school bus as it drove past their house.

Rain did not want his father to do this. In fact before the school year started he begged his dad not to wave at the bus. As everyone in junior high school and high school knows, dads are embarrassing, uncool, and generally spend their time on the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder.

Most dads will do almost anything to keep their children happy. But instead of acquiescing to his son’s request, Dale instead viewed it as a challenge. So each day of the school year he not only waved at the bus, but he did so wearing a variety of costumes. They covered the spectrum from a mermaid, to a pirate, from an athlete to a leprechaun.

I remember a time when one of my adolescent children was going to the mall with some friends. Upon learning that his mother and I would also be at the mall doing some shopping, I saw a look of horror on his face.

“If you see me there, pretend you don’t know me,” he said.

I wanted to dress in dirty overalls and irrigation boots and make certain that we encountered his party at the mall. But I didn’t and he was saved from humiliation.

It is a sad day in a dad’s life when he crosses over from being hero and a best friend to being Quasimodo.

I admire Dale Price for not choosing the path of least resistance. Rain survived the embarrassment. No permanent physical or mental harm occurred and based on information posted at the family’s web site,, he has thrived in spite of (and probably because of) his dad’s fatherly dedication.




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