Snorting bath salts, really?

Sometimes I put bath salts in my Jacuzzi tub. A two-pound box of salts usually costs three or four dollars and it is available in several different scents. Even though the salts smell nice, I have never felt an urge to stuff my nose into the box and snort the salts into my nasal passages.

Apparently I am unusual, because other people are snorting bath salts.

According to recent media stories, the Utah Poison Control Center is reporting a growing trend of people using a specific brand of bath salt to get high. The effect is reportedly like an amphetamine rush.

These are obviously not the same bath salts I use because the going price is $30 for 200 milligrams (less than one one-hundredth of an ounce). If my math is correct, sniffing powdered silver would be less expensive.

I wonder how people discover these things. Are there people who randomly snort every substance they encounter to see if they can find one that gets them high? I suppose it is possible that one could get quite a buzz from snorting ground up chicken dung, but I will never find out.

Although I’ve never intentionally tried it, inhaling black pepper dust produces quite a sensation and the price is much more reasonable.

As a result of the abuse of this product, law enforcement officials are asking for a ban on its sale during the next session of the Utah Legislature. I just hope my bath salts escape the ban.

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3 Responses to Snorting bath salts, really?

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how creative substance abusers get in order to achieve a high. Although I recognize the serious harm involved, I don’t believe that these bath salts should be banned across the state.

    Such individuals will most likely find another substance to abuse which is not yet illegal, and eventually, that too will be banned; and the cycle will continue. When we regulate such items, we fail to consider the source of the abuse. It isn’t on account of the substance… after all, bath salts themselves don’t force anyone to inhale. The true source of the abuse can be found within the individual. People who abuse drugs also engage in other behaviors that jeopardize their safety and those around them. And no matter how many substances are banned by the government, this segment continues to indulge in risky behavior.

    Much like poverty, there are groups of people who will not cooperate with the government’s agenda no matter how much money is spent or how many regulations are imposed… And even though we assume banning certain products is somehow “saving” these reckless individuals, the true effects will be seen in the law-abiding portion of the community (no more type A bath salts)… and predictably, the abusers will continue abusing, regardless.

    Something related: Sometimes I wonder which is worse, having pot sold locally or having “spice” replace the substance. Would such a substantial number of people abuse synthetic drugs like “spice” if pot was legal?

    Something to chew on.

    Great post, by the way!

  2. amz says:

    The bath salts at the smoke shop are $20 – $30 for 200mg. I just spent a week in the psych ward after trying with a friend. Almost died of dehydration. You are correct, this is very stupid but also very dangerous. The smoke shops just need to be banned from distributing. Wtf is bath salt doing in a smoke shop anyway right?? They know what they r selling it to people for and the addictive properties. Unfortunately it will probly get worse b4 it gets better.

  3. Sahsa louval says:

    I heard that miley cyrus is trying to stop from coming out with miley cyrus salvia….what has the world come to???

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