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Wal-Mart swaps greeters for scowlers

What happened to Wal-Mart greeters? Like many people around the world, I make frequent trips to Wal-Mart. I used to be able to count on being warmly welcomed by an older person when I walked into the store. Nowadays there … Continue reading

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We need an energy hero

With the current crisis in the Gulf of Mexico and a local oil spill in Salt Lake County, America’s attention is again focused on the dependency and demand for oil. We have known for decades that our reliance on oil—particularly … Continue reading

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Radio host blasts Utah, Mormons

Utah and Mormons were targets for bigotry last week courtesy of a radio talk show host in Miami. Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer earned props for defending Utah and Mormons when Sid Rosenberg, made comments about the state and its … Continue reading

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