I chose Utah Valley

My first exposure to living in Utah Valley came as a student at Brigham Young University. Upon graduation too many decades ago, my wife and I moved to Illinois for several years where I worked as a journalist and editor.

Two children and one-on-the-way later, we moved back to Utah Valley. I went to graduate school and my wife finished her degree in elementary education. After we both finished our schooling, we remained in Utah Valley because we enjoyed the lifestyle and opportunities.

For several years I worked as a journalist and as a journalism instructor in Utah Valley. During that time I wrote a weekly column where I commented on some of the unusual aspects of news, politics and events of Utah Valley and its surrounding areas.

We are well aware that this valley is not a Utopia. There are plenty of problems and idiosyncrasies.  I enjoy the fact that because of the history and culture of Utah Valley, many of the problems are unique and are dealt with in unusual ways.

You’ll see what I mean in later posts as I comment on some of the incongruities of life in the real Happy Valley.

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1 Response to I chose Utah Valley

  1. Richard Barton says:

    Well Flint I for one am glad you moved to Utah County. These two editorials are right on the mark. I have put your blog as one of my favorites and will be looking forward to more in the future. Have a good week!

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